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HB7 Bagasse Clamshell Burger Box 7'x7' Sugar Cane

Product Code: GBAGASSE07

Price: £21.99 + VAT

5p per unit

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Case Quantity Full Box  - 400 qty (1X400)           
Product Dimensions :  800ml / 17x16x8cm

HB7 Bagasse Burger Box White (7″x7″) 

The eco-friendly solution for your hot or cold food on the go, with a special focus on keeping burgers irresistibly delicious! Crafted from a sturdier grade of bagasse, a recycled sugarcane fiber, this box not only supports sustainability but also elevates your dining experience.

  • Nature's Touch: Made from bagasse, a dry fibrous residue from pressed sugarcane, our burger box is a tree-free alternative to traditional plastic or polystyrene containers.
  • Hot & Crispy Perfection: Experience the perfect balance of thermal properties that keep your food hot and crispy. No more compromising on taste or texture during takeaway – every bite is as delightful as if it came straight from the kitchen.
  • Planet-Friendly: Fully compostable and seriously better for the planet than plastic! When you're done enjoying your meal, feel good about disposing of the box in your food waste collection, where offered. It's a small choice that makes a big impact on reducing environmental footprint.
  • Dual Tray Design: The lid and base are equal depth, cleverly forming two trays when open. This not only enhances the presentation of your burger but also ensures a convenient and mess-free dining experience.