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Sabert Fastpac 3 Comp. Container 975 ml HOT71335

Product Code: GFASTPAC15

Price: £53.95 + VAT

36p per unit

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Case Quantity:  Full Box  - 150 qty (3x50)
Product Dimensions :  175ml - 600ml -200ml / 28x20x4cm 

Sabert Fastpac Hot Meals Delivery and Takeaway

Container and Lids Sold Separately

  • Road-Tested Toughness: FASTPAC - 100% designed for bumpy roads, ensuring your hot meals arrive intact. Boost customer satisfaction with reliable delivery.  
  • Stylish Presentation, Anywhere: SABERT FASTPAC's premium Black PP Bases and Lids guarantee a visually appealing presentation, captivating customers even on the move.
  • Leak-Proof & Stackable Brilliance: Eliminate delivery mishaps with our leak-proof design. Stackable for efficient storage, making every delivery a breeze.
  • Microwaveable Convenience: Satisfy cravings with HOT meals! FASTPAC is microwaveable, offering customers the flexibility they desire.
  • Eco-Friendly Edge - Now Reusable: Join us in contributing to a greener planet. FASTPAC is not only recyclable but also reusable, aligning your brand with environmentally conscious choices.
  • Enhance with Vented Lids: Customize your delivery experience with separate microwaveable vented lids, ensuring food stays fresh and flavorful.


Choose Sabert for Your Packaging Success! Elevate your brand with innovative, leak-proof FASTPAC solutions. Our quality, eco-friendly options, and culinary enhancement make us the preferred choice. Trust Sabert for reliable, visually stunning packaging. Boost satisfaction. Where Excellence Meets Innovation