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Sabert Kraft Sauce Pot 1oz PAP12001PE

Product Code: GSOUCECUP05

Price: £25.00 + VAT     1p per unit

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Case Quantity Full Box  - 2000 qty (40x50)
Product Dimensions :  oz


2000 Qty 1oz  Sabert Kraft Sauce Pot FSC MIX Credit PAP12001PE (40x50p) 

EcoCraft™ 1oz Sauce Savers by Sabert are not just your ordinary sauce pots; they are a testament to culinary innovation and environmental responsibility. Crafted with precision and care, these Kraft Sauce Pots embody the perfect blend of convenience, reliability, and sustainability.Say goodbye to wasteful single-use plastics and hello to the future of eco-friendly dining. Each pack of EcoCraft™ 1oz Sauce Savers contains a generous 2000 units, empowering businesses of all sizes to serve up delectable sauces, dressings, and condiments with a clear conscience. Whether you're running a bustling restaurant, a quaint café, a trendy food truck, or a high-volume catering business, these Sauce Savers are the ultimate culinary companion you can rely on.

Container and Lids Sold Separately 

Product Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from FSC MIX Credit-certified paper, these sauce pots are made from responsibly sourced materials, reducing your environmental footprint.
  • Convenient Size: Each pot holds 1oz of sauce, dressing, condiment, or dip, making them ideal for portion control and minimizing waste.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed with sturdy kraft paper, these sauce pots are leak-resistant and can withstand a variety of hot and cold liquids.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for serving ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, salsa, and more, these pots are suitable for a wide range of condiments and toppings.
  • Compact Design: The stackable design allows for easy storage and organization, optimizing space in your kitchen or serving area.

Why Choose Sabert Kraft Sauce Pots?

  • Sustainability: Reduce your environmental impact and demonstrate your commitment to eco-friendly practices with FSC MIX Credit-certified packaging.
  • Convenience: Streamline your food service operations with portion-controlled sauce pots, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  • Quality Assurance: Sabert is known for its high-quality food packaging solutions, trusted by businesses worldwide for their reliability and performance.
  • Cost-Effective: With a pack of 2000 units, these sauce pots offer great value for money, helping you save on both cost and time.