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Sabert PET Domed Lid for Squ. Platter PUL52910F025

Product Code: GPLATTER29

Price: £17.95 + VAT     72p per unit

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Sabert Pet Domed Lid For Square Platter Pul52910F025 27X27X7Cm 1X25


Case Quantity

Full Box  -  1x25

Product Dimensions

27x27x7 cm 

About This Product

  • 100% Recyclable & recycled rPET lids 
  • Perfect lid fit & excellent stackability for transport
  • Suitable for hot preparations.
  • Suitable for storage in hot cabinets.
  • Suitable for reheating the complete meal in the microwave.
  • Microwaveable 3min 800W
  • Shelf Stackable Design.