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Sabert Retro Newsprint M Lidded Tray MK2 PAP02MK2

Product Code: GKRAFTBOX50

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20p per unit

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Full Box  - 150 qty 
Product Dimensions :
 22/25 x (W) 9.5/12.5 x (H) 6.2cm


Retro Newsprint Medium Lidded Tray

Who can remember not so long ago when take away fish and chips were wrapped and served in yesterday’s newspaper….’Retro Newsprint’ captures the nostalgia with this simply genius printed newspaper style packaging! What better way to serve crispy battered fish and tasty golden chips than in the Retro newsprint packs, this British favourite dish has never looked so good! 
Enhance the classic appeal of your fish and chips with our Eco-Friendly Retro Newsprint Medium Lidded Tray – Pack of 150. Crafted from sturdy paper cardboard, this tray not only adds a touch of nostalgia but also promotes sustainability with its 100% recyclable materials. 
Designed for your convenience, these trays are leak-proof, ensuring that your hot or cold food stays fresh and mess-free, whether you're enjoying it on the go or in-house. 
Elevate your dining experience with a touch of retro charm while making a positive impact on the environment. 
Choose our Retro Newsprint trays for a truly eco-friendly and stylish solution.