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Sabert Paper Cutlery Kit 4 in 1 PAP3534

Product Code: GCUTLERYSET08

Price: £69.95 + VAT

23p per unit

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Case Quantity

Pack      -   1x50

Full Box  -  6x50

Product Dimensions

17cm / 6.7'

After the success launch of our FSC-certified fully recyclable Paper Cutlery we've decided to go a step further to adapt to the needs of the takeaway market, such as hygiene and speed of service.

We offer you this Paper Cutlery as a kit! You can now offer all types of cutlery and a napkin in a single kit, to serve a complete meal. A practical and economical solution that saves you time and helps you to control the over-spreading of your dinnerware. A perfect solution for the on-the-go lifestyle!

Did you know that our paper cutlery is better than the wooden cutlery currently available? 

  • Unlike wooden cutlery, it offers a silky-smooth and satisfying mouthfeel and does not alter the taste of food
  • The paper spoon is deeper, THE deepest on the market 

And what's more ...

  • Patended by Sabert, the cutlery is strong and robust
  • It is fully recyclable 
  • It can be used with hot or cold foods
  • Cutlery, napkin & wrap are FSC-Certified

The kit is available in 3 formats: 

  • 2 in 1 (knife & fork)
  • 3 in 1 (knife, fork & napkin)
  • 4 in 1 (knife, fork, large spoon & napkin)