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Greaseproof Premium Grill Design Wrapping Sheet

Product Code: GWRAPPING08

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Case Quantity Full Box  - 1000 Quant.              
Product Dimensions :  40x30cm 

Greaseproof Premium Grill Designwrappingsheet 40x 30cm Qty 1000

Welcome to our selection of grill greaseproof sheets, thoughtfully crafted from sustainably sourced, chlorine-free paper to elevate your grilling experience while minimizing environmental impact. Designed with versatility in mind, these sheets are perfectly suited for wrapping up sizzling burgers, hearty wraps, and succulent BBQ wings with ease.

Whether you're serving up piping hot meals straight from the grill or preparing delectable cold takeaways, our grill greaseproof sheets provide the ideal solution for maintaining food freshness and flavor. Their durable construction ensures they can withstand the heat of the grill while effectively containing juices and oils, keeping your food tasting its best.

Each sheet is meticulously crafted from FSC-certified greaseproof paper, guaranteeing both quality and eco-friendliness. With a weight of 30gsm, these sheets strike the ideal balance between strength and flexibility, allowing for effortless handling and wrapping.

Elevate your grilling experience while making a conscious choice for the planet with our FSC-certified grill greaseproof sheets. Whether you're wrapping up a feast or lining a tray, trust in our environmentally-friendly solution to deliver exceptional results every time.