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Unbleach Greaseproof Brown Sheet 38x27.5cm 50gsm

Product Code: GWRAPPING05

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Case Quantity Full Box  - 500 Qty                  
Product Dimensions :  38x27.5cm 

Unbleach Greaseproof Brown Sheet 38x275cm 50gsm

The ultimate fusion of functionality and sustainability, tailored for the eco-conscious bakery, café, or deli. Crafted from sustainably sourced, chlorine-free paper, these greaseproof sheets redefine eco-friendliness in food packaging.
Embrace sustainability without compromising on performance. Our greaseproof paper is impermeable to oil and grease, providing a reliable barrier for wrapping hot or cold sandwiches, pastries, and other delectable treats. Bid farewell to worries about food leakage, ensuring your customers enjoy a clean and comfortable dining experience, free from messy mishaps.
But it's not just about functionality; it's about making a statement. The natural color of our unbleached paper exudes an organic charm, enhancing the visual appeal of your treats while reinforcing your commitment to eco-friendly practices. Every bite becomes a testament to your dedication to environmental stewardship.
By choosing Vegware's Compostable Unbleached Greaseproof Paper, you're not only enhancing your business's green footprint but also actively contributing to waste diversion from landfills. Show your customers that you genuinely care about global issues and inspire them to join you on the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Let your packaging speak volumes about your values – choose Vegware for a tasteful, eco-friendly touch to your culinary offerings.