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Premium Pure Greaseproof Wrapping Sheet 30gsm

Product Code: GWRAPPING04

Price: £25.00 + VAT

1p per unit

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Case Quantity Full Box  - 1000 Qty                     
Product Dimensions :  35x22.5cm 


Vegware 30gsm Greaseproof Sheet

An eco-friendly solution with a touch of style. Perfect for various culinary applications, this versatile greaseproof sheet boasts a chic eco design. Whether you're wrapping hot or cold deli treats like wraps or gourmet sandwiches, or needing a lining for trays or pastry displays, this sheet has you covered.
Crafted from 34gsm chlorine-free paper sourced sustainably from Europe, it embodies our commitment to environmental responsibility. Part of our renowned Green Tree collection, it proudly showcases your eco-conscious efforts with its vibrant green and white design. Trust in Vegware's award-winning quality, derived from plants, for a guilt-free serving experience.
Not just environmentally friendly, but also commercially compostable where accepted, this greaseproof sheet aligns with your sustainability goals effortlessly. With a case of 1000 sheets, elevate your food presentation while making a positive impact on the planet with Vegware's Greaseproof Sheet – the eco-conscious choice for discerning businesses.